A talented bunch

Quite a few of the folk who come along to Garden Explorers run their own businesses. If you want me to add yours just send me a link and a picture.


Kirsty makes wonderful quilts and memory blankets among other things- check out her stuff here https://www.facebook.com/MarthaPudding


Caroline makes cards and stationery

kite card (2) ice cream 2 (2)

Caroline of Scribble & Daub makes hand drawn cards and bespoke illustration. Each card is individually drawn with a traditional dip pen and then hand painted with inks.  Scribble & Daub cards have been featured in the pages of Vogue and the World of Interiors, and can be found on the shelves of Liberty and The Conran Shop, among others. Caroline loves to take on bespoke commissions such as wedding invitations, thank you cards, party invites, baby announcements, or any other excuse for celebration or correspondence that you can think of! She also offers a Bespoke Postal Service – a card writing and posting service for those short of time.  caroline@scribbleanddaub.com / www.scribbleanddaub.com

scribble logo (2)

Rebecca makes bunting of all kinds be it for weddings and parties or personalised for children, as well as Roman Blinds.

Her company is called Cotton and Tweed.

Places to stay

Sara and family have just opened up a B&B in Hastings Old Town http://www.thelaindons.com/index.html



Recent Posts

25th and 26th June – Making fairy castles and elder flower fritters in the woods.

Elder flower fritters-

100g Plain flower

2 tablespoons of oil

175ml Sparkling mineral water

1 table spoon of sugar

1 egg white

And then for the elder flower!

4 1 2 3

We all followed the recipe to make the batter..

5 6

Next we headed out to the woods.. With the mixture in hand!

7 - Copy 8 - Copy 2 10 - Copy 11 - Copy

On the way we stopped of to get some Elder flower..12 - Copy - Copy 13 - Copy - Copy 14 - Copy 15 - Copy - Copy 16 - Copy 17 - Copy 18

Once we got to the woods we went and made fairy castles while the fire was lit. 19 20 21 22 23 24

The competition was strong.. And we had some amazing castles being created all over the woods!

26 27 28 29


But shortly the elder flower fritters where ready to eat, so we all finished our castles..31 33 34 35 36 37

We filled our tummy’s with yummy elder flower before we all headed home.


We have filled up our blog with so many pictures! So were starting a new one you’ll now find us at: https://gardenexplorers.wordpress.com/

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