25th and 26th June – Making fairy castles and elder flower fritters in the woods.

Elder flower fritters-

100g Plain flower

2 tablespoons of oil

175ml Sparkling mineral water

1 table spoon of sugar

1 egg white

And then for the elder flower!

4 1 2 3

We all followed the recipe to make the batter..

5 6

Next we headed out to the woods.. With the mixture in hand!

7 - Copy 8 - Copy 2 10 - Copy 11 - Copy

On the way we stopped of to get some Elder flower..12 - Copy - Copy 13 - Copy - Copy 14 - Copy 15 - Copy - Copy 16 - Copy 17 - Copy 18

Once we got to the woods we went and made fairy castles while the fire was lit. 19 20 21 22 23 24

The competition was strong.. And we had some amazing castles being created all over the woods!

26 27 28 29


But shortly the elder flower fritters where ready to eat, so we all finished our castles..31 33 34 35 36 37

We filled our tummy’s with yummy elder flower before we all headed home.


We have filled up our blog with so many pictures! So were starting a new one you’ll now find us at: https://gardenexplorers.wordpress.com/


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