6th and 7th November 2014- Little people and Pyclets.

The other day I took a little trip with Aaron to Cranbrook on a hunt for needlepoint wools- where they have this amazing little treasure trove craft shop which I think is called Stoneydale. If you get the chance and you are of the crafting persuasion, or even just need cake decorating supplies, wool, facepaints or kid’s paints (as you do) it’s well worth a visit.

Anyway- while I was there I found some of those old fashioned pegs that you can use to make peg dollies. And picked some up thinking they might come in handy for one of our days.

We all know that the woods we visit with garden explorers are magic woods- because there are these little people who live there. Well this week I thought it could be fun to make our own little people using the pegs as a base.

However the morning started out making pyclets (unusual spelling) – kind of a flat crumpet and hailing from Derbyshire. I didn’t have any baking powder so we used a bit of bicarb instead, and we didn’t have enough buttermilk so did a kind of buttermilk/ milk combo. All in the spirit of the throw it in and hope for the best cooking with 3 year olds and 9 times out of 10 it turns out brilliantly thing. They actually turned out better than last year…the recipe says leave to the bubbles to start forming for 1-3 hours – ours at most gets 45 minutes in transit to the woods and not in warm temperatures. I assume the reason for the improved success is because the bicarb reacted with the buttermilk Could be. The blog I found the recipe on is well worth a peruse if you have a moment- lots of great wood projects and delicious recipes (I have tried 3 or 4 including this one!)- oh and great pictures.

Yeasty batters complete we headed for the woods.

251 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10f 10f111

For the few who did brave it on Thursday (and feel very smug about it as we escaped the rain) – there were lots of streams to wade in flowing so fast along the path we could have had a game of Pooh sticks.

12 13 14

26 28

Safely there we got the fire going

16 17 18

And then I explained about these little people

20f 20f1 21 20f4 20f2 19

While I made pyclets

20 20eLook at the bubbles!

Then snacks coffee and a lovely story about a bog baby


A song on Friday – and then time to go home

29 30 31 32

With a bit more paddling fun


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