22nd and 23rd May 2014- Pikelets and fun in the woods

I saw this recipe for pikelets (or as they spell it pyclets- which to me seems a little counter-intuitive so I’m going to continue with my potentially wrong spelling) on this blog which I’ll confess to having become a bit of a fan of- I’ve tried a couple of the recipes and they have worked out really well, plus the photography and general style of the page is really cool.

I digress. I figured that if we cooked these little beasts down in the woods they would probably have just about an hour’s time (they said one to three in the recipe so maybe I was a little ambitious) for the yeast to start bubbling and make those characteristic little holes. It probably wasn’t- there were no little holes, bit they tasted very good (*as most things do when you slather them in butter).

What is a pikelet (pyclet?) I hear you cry?! Well actually I don’t but several people asked me. Its a sort of flat crumpet cooked on a griddle without the need for one of those cooking rings, which apparently one needs when making crumpets (which I’ve never tried to do incidentally). I am rambling.

We started by making the pikelets 1 1f1 1f2 1f3 1f5 1f4 2 3 4 5

And then headed woods-wards- stopping on Thursday at the barn for some of Simon’s ever useful wood shavings

1f7 1f61f8 6 7 8 9 10   11

This field (above) is quite interesting… we haven’t tried to make it into a meadow but it seems to be doing it itself, probably with the help of meadow strewings making their way to the compost heap and falling off the tractor and some hay that was laid down to help cars get into the field for the autumn plant fair. There are now common spotted orchids that have put themselves here, and the yellow rattle is definitely in force. And there are loads of buttercups so good excuse for cute pictures of kids waist deep in the stuff. 11f1 11f2 11f3 11f4 11f5 11f6 11f7 11f8 11f9 12 13 14

We collected wood for the fire, I got things going and prepared for my first every pikelet making experiment – while everyone else went to make some pictures of themselves on the ground using things they could find for inspiration.

Or generally had a nice time messing about in the woods (which is what it’s all about after all!!)

15 16

Finally it was time for those Pikelets and a story- this week Guess what I found in Dragon Wood by Timothy Knapman

18 17

And you know what? It didn’t seem to matter that our Pikelets (or pyclets) were none to holey!


One thought on “22nd and 23rd May 2014- Pikelets and fun in the woods

  1. Hi Catherine. Thanks for your lovely comments about things{we}make. It’s good to know real people read it and enjoy it. Sorry that you didn’t get holes in your pikelets. (either spelling works for me) I think that it might be the yeast had not had time to work, or that the temperature outdoors was cooler than a kitchen…or the bubbles sometimes struggle to squeeze through if the mix is a little too thick. Glad they tasted good though, everything tastes good with plenty of butter 🙂

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